Wilson W2000 49" Center Load Trucker Antenna-White-10" Shaft

W2000 TRK WH 10
2000 Series Mobile CB Antennas

The 2000 Series is a stainless steel "center loaded" coil, mobile CB antenna that offers the performance & reliability that drivers are increasingly demanding from their antenna.

The Wilson 2000 Trucker's higher gain performance is a result of several new design developments that bring you the most powerful CB center loaded antenna available in its price range. 

A large portion of the power that goes into a typical loaded CB antenna is lost as heat in the coil and as dielectric heat loss in the plastic inside the coil form. Many CB antennas lose more than 50% of the power put into them. The power is wasted as heat loss and is not radiated as radio waves. Another weak link in other CB antennas is the capacitor used to match the coax to the antenna. This is a cheap and easy way to make the SWR look good, but has lots of power loss, plus blows out when high power is applied to it. 

The first priority was to reduce the dielectric loss by removing as much of the plastic inside the coil as possible. This was accomplished by suspending the coil in air, supported only at four small points, 90 degrees apart, in effect removing 95% of the plastic from the inside surface of the coil. This reduced the dielectric loss to a negligible amount. 

The second priority was to get rid of the resistive heat loss in the coil. Since most of the RF energy at 27 MHz travels on the surface of the wire, it was decided to increase the surface area by making the diameter of the wire a larger 10 gauge copper. Since silver is a much better conductor than copper, although very expensive, the wire was heavily silver plated. This reduced the resistive loss to a minimum. Any power loss in the coil is practically eliminated in the Wilson 2000 Trucker. 

  • 49" Stainless steel whip
  • Rated at 3500 watts
  • Standard 3/8" x 24 chromed brass ferrule
  • Larger coil housing allows for increased power handling
  • A patented low loss, air wound coil design
  • Uses 10 gauge silver plated wire
  • Coil is made of high impact engineered thermoplastic
  • Frequency range is from 26 MHz to 30 MHz
  • Static reducing weather cap
  • Clamshell
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