Wilson 2MTR Magnet Mount 2 Meter Antenna

2 Meter Amateur Antenna

Less Than 1.5:1 SWR across full 2 meter band magnet mount antenna

The "Wilson 2 Mtr 5/8" uses Wilson's exclusive low loss coil design and is patterned after the proven performance of the Wilson 1000 and 500. The "Wilson 2 Mtr" out performs all similar types of small base loaded vhf antennas. It was designed specifically for users who want a high performance magnetic antenna at a low price. The Wilson tradition of designing an antenna that offers maximum efficiency for the cost is continued with the "2 Mtr 5/8" antenna.

The Large 10 oz. Magnet used in the "2 Mtr 5/8" is the first indication of the attention to detail, engineering, quality and design that makes the antenna perform so well. The strength and holding power of the larger magnet will prove itself the first time extra speed is needed to pass the auto ahead, or on those rough and bumpy roads. The "2 Mtr 5/8" hangs on long after others have fallen off and become lost and wasted money.

Wilson uses 14 gauge wire to provide the maximum power handling for a small antenna. When combined with Wilson's exclusive coil winding method that allows air to flow completely around the wire, it will easily handle 500 watts.

With it's total height of only 53", when mounted on the trunk lid of most automobiles, you can safely drive into your garage without damaging the antenna or the car from the overhead door. When driving into those multi-level parking garages, at the office or shopping center, you no longer must remove the antenna.

  • 144-148 MHz operation
  • 5/8 Wave length
  • Heavy-duty coil
  • 14 Gauge wire
  • 47" Stainless steel whip
  • 500 Watt power rating
  • Large 10 oz. magnet
  • 1 Year limited warranty
  • Boxed
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