RF Limited XLF-20M 20 Amp Noise Filter For Magnum Radios

RF Limited XLF-20M 20 Amp Noise Filter For Magnum Radios

The XLF-20C™ & XLF-20M™ look exactly like the original PLF-10C™ & PLF-10M™, the differences are in the electrical circuits.
All noise or interference enters a 2-way radio thru the antenna system or the 12 volt DC lines.

The XLF-20C™ & XLF-20M™ are rated at: 6-16 Volts DC "20" amps continuously, and are known as "COMMONMODE" filters. Unlike the PLF the XLF's address a WIDER range of interference problems and will reduce or eliminate not only DC noisewhich include alternator, turn signals and windshield wipers, it will also cancel any RFI that is coupled into the DC line, and due to it's design there is absolutly no voltage drop thru the filter. In addition the commonmode filter provides the highest isolation to both RF and Noise.

Commonmode filters will reduce or eliminate noises in all 12 volt electronic components, these include 2 way radios, audio systems, including AM/FM receivers, stereos, amplifiers and video components.

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