3 Way 12V Power Cigarette Lighter Socket with USB

3 Way 12V Power Cigarette Lighter Socket with USB

* Short-circuit protection
* DC 12V/24V using only.
* A fuse is included with the product.
* Runs multiple accessories at one time.
* Convenient to charge your device while driving.
* Portable,light weight,compact size design.
* Keep voltage steady to prevent devices from overcharging.
* The power indicator LED can show the power to be put through clearly.
* For use with cell phones, CD players, computers, MP3 players,televisions, gaming systems and more.
* Mini switch design, just push it up and down to open and close the charging, very convenient.
* This 3 Socket Car Charger is suitable for Mobile Cellphone,GPS,iPod,iPhone and PDA or other additional electrical equipment.

* Color: Black
* Input voltage: DC 12V/24V
* Total output power: 60W(except USB)
* Working Temperature: 0°-60°C
* USB Output voltage/current: DC 5V-Max 5.4V /1000mA

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