Roger Beep RBX10 Programmable Roger Beep Board Model D

The RBX10 is a Microprocessor Controlled Roger Beep with 10 Plus Programmable End of Transmission Sounds! The Board Selector Switches can be used to select one of Three Standard RB Sounds, Or to select from up to Seven (or More) Pre-Programmed Sounds by entering the Programming Mode! All from a Single RB Board! There are Four Models to choose from, each containing more than Ten RB Sounds! Other Models may be added in the near future! All sounds and functions are produced by the On Board Programmable PIC Processor. A list of the Models & Sounds available now are listed below. The RBX10 uses Advanced Switching Circuitry that can be easily wired into most Any Type of Radio. There are Extra Auxillary Switching Pins that can also be used in Future Models to Control Other Sound Modules (PP-1 etc.) using the RBX10's Micro-Controller!
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