Maco SHOOTING STAR 8 Element Base Station Antenna

When performance and price are your main consideration, look at the 8 element Shooting Star. Developed to fill the need for top performance and dual polarity operation, the Shooting Star has a gain of 18 dB & boasts a 28X power multiplication. This design uses a 16' boom with 6 scientifically-spaced elements and a Quad reflector to obtain the best combination of gain & front-to-back ratio. It's the same design used to bounce signals off the moon! And, it has the Maco 2kW power handling capability.

 This is an oversize antenna.  There is an extra $8.50 handling charge on UPS shipments.  


  • 8 Elements
  • 16' Boom Length
  • 28x Power Multiplication
  • 14 dB Gain
  • 90mph Wind Survival
  • 13' Turn Radius
  • 6 sq. ft. Surface Radius
  • Vertical/Horizontal Beams
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