Maco M104C 4 Element Base Station Antenna

In the classic directional Yagi design, the 16' long, 4 element M104 base station antenna can be mounted either vertically or horizontally for best base-to-mobile or base-to-base communications. The M104 features a Maco 2kW adjustable gamma match for high performance. Ruggedly built, using swaged & slotted tubing for maximum strength with minimum wind loading.

This is an oversize antenna.  There is an extra $8.50 handling charge on UPS shipments.  


  • 4 Elements
  • 16' Boom Length
  • 28x Power Multiplication
  • 14 dB Gain
  • 90mph Wind Survival
  • 13' Turn Radius
  • 6.33 sq. ft. Surface Radius
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