Galaxy DX-94HP Mobile Amateur Radio

The DX-94HP comes with a Large Meter with Scales for Signal Strength and Power Output. The DX-94HP also comes with a Large Frequency Counter, eliminating the need for wiring in an external meter.
Notice: 10 Meter Radios are intended for use by amateur radio operators only.  A license from the FCC is required.
10 Meter Radios come with a warranty from their respective manufacturer.  Returns are not accepted by A-1 Telecom, but should be handled by their respective warranty center.


  • 100 watt maximum power output from four IRF520 MOSFETs 
  • Maximum current is 25 amps 
  • Heavy-duty DC power cord 
  • Low profile bottom heatsink 
  • Blue LEDs for frequency and channel readouts 
  • Dual blue LEDs light our signature large meter 
  • StarLite faceplate (all printing is backlit) 
  • Meter scales indicating power output, 
  • SWR and incoming signal strength 
  • Side mic jack 
  • AM/USB/LSB modes
  • Variable power output control 
  • Variable receive gain control 
  • Variable dimmer control for LEDs, meter lamp and faceplate lettering 
  • Switch to turn off the frequency digits 
  • Variable Talkback circuit with on/off switch 
  • Echo and Voice Changer
  • Echo/Voice Changer controls on the front panel
  • Roger Beep with on/off switch 
  • Automatic SWR circuit 
  • Standard clarifier circuit - no on/off switch 

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