Cobra CPI-130 130 Watt Power Inverter

This inverter provides household power on the go! Its swiveling 12 V DC accessory port plug converts your vehicle's cigarette lighter into 120 Volt AC household power. Power up office equipment and appliances under 130 watts, including most laptops. It also has a USB output, ideal for using/charging most small video games, an IPod®, a Blackberry®, mobile phones, and many more USB devices. Its compact size and easy installation makes it ideal for travelers.


  • 130 watts continuous power, 150 watts peak power
  • 5 volt USB output for running and charging your electronic devices
  • Multi-postion swivel plug makes accessing the ports easy
  • 1 AC outlet
  • Perfect for powering your Notebook, cellphone, PDA, iPod, Blackberry or any other portable electronic device
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