RF Limited EC-2018XTR 4 Pin Extreme Power/Echo Microphone

EC-2018XTR A
The XTREME 2018is the latest digital echo microphone for Citizen Band and other two-way radios. The XTREME 2018takes CB radio to the extremes with new features like Endless Echo, Double Talkerand Noise Reducer. Make your radio sound it's best with the XTREME 2018.
  • CyborgRobotic Voice - Sound half man, half machine
  • Stadium Sound - Have the booming voice of a stadium announcer
  • Endless Echo - An unbeliveable digital echo with a range from no echo to a never ending, repeating echo
  • Double Talker - Repeats everything you say..repeats everything you say. This could get annoying...this could get annoying. Good thing you can turn it off....good thing you can turn it---
  • Whammy Sound Effects - Adjust the echo controls while transmitting to create the wildest of sound effects
  • Noise Reducer - Advanced noise reduction circuit decreases microphone sensitivity and reduces background noise, making sure they hear you and not your vehicle!
  • Talk Back - Monitor your transmissions - know exactly what you sound like over the air
  • Also... - Echo controls on the outside of the microphone, so you are always in complete control, and the highest quality, and softest, neoprene 6 conductor microphone cord.
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