RF Limited EC-2018T 4 Pin Turbo Power/Echo Microphone

EC-2018T A
The EC-2018 TURBOis the first hand microphone to have both echo controls on the outside case. Adjust the echo level and echo delay controls "on-the-fly" to create WHAMMY EFFECTS! A new, custom echo chip (available only in the TURBObrand microphones by RF Limited) provides the widest echo range -- from the new robotic sound called ALIEN VOICE, to a full 600 msec. echo.
  • Sensitivity -25dB @ 1 KHz (at maximum output and minimum echo) 
  • Impedance 1 K Ohm 
  • Frequency Response 500 - 3 KHz 
  • Echo Frequency Response 500 - 3 KHz 
  • Echo Time 600ms Maximum 
  • Battery 9 Volt Preferably Alkaline 
  • Internal Noise 0.5mV or Less
  • Microphone Element ECM Type
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