Ranger RCI-2970N2 Mobile Amateur Radio

Ranger Communications once again sets the performance and reliability standard for entry level amateur mobile transceivers with the latest generation of our popular RCI-2950DX/70 series of cost effective, multi mode, high performance transceivers. Introducing the new RCI-2950DX & RCI-2970N2. These new models feature microprocessor control of not one but two amateur bands. The new RCI-2950DX, rated at 25W PEP and the RCI-2970N2, rated at 200W PEP are perfect for the recent band openings on 10 and 12 meters. Now you can upgrade your mobile Ham capabilities with a radio that is rich in features and reasonable in cost. The new models have retained the operating features of its popular predecessors, including programmable repeater offset and capabilities for a CTCSS tone option — great for increasing repeater activity on 10 meters — and receiver scanning for quick search of active frequencies. The units offer three methods of frequency selection, non-volatile memory to store and scan up to ten favorite frequencies, and front panel frequency selector lockout.
Notice: 10 Meter Radios are intended for use by amateur radio operators only.  A license from the FCC is required.
10 Meter Radios come with a warranty from their respective manufacturer.  Returns are not accepted by A-1 Telecom, but should be handled by their respective warranty center.


RCI-2950DX & 2970N2 

 Frequency Range

10 Mtr: 28.000 - 29.6999 MHz 
12 Mtr: 24.8900 - 24.9900 MHz

 Tuning Steps

1 MHz, 100 KHz, 10 KHz, 1 KHz, 100 Hz



 Frequency Tolerance


 Frequency Control

Microprocessor / Phase-Locked-Loop Synthesizer

 Frequency Stability


 Operating Temperature Range

-10 ºC to + 50 ºC

 Meter Function

 RF Output, RX Signal Strength, Modulation, SWR
(LCD Display Indicates Relative Values)

 Antenna Impedance

50 W

 Input Voltage

13.8 Vdc


400 W Dynamic PTT - 6 Pin

 Size (W x D x H)

2950DX - 7 3/4 " x 10 3/4 " x 2-3/8"
2970N2 - 7 7/8" x 11 1/8" x 3 1/4"


2950DX - 4 lb 3 oz
2970N2 - 8 lb 3 oz

 Shipping Weight

2950DX - 7 lb.
2970N2 - 11 lb




 RF Power Output

RCI-2950DX - 10 Watts RMS: CW / AM / FM 
25 Watts: SSB (PEP) 
RCI-2970N2 - 100 Watts RMS: CW / AM / FM 
200 Watts: SSB (PEP)

 Current Draw @ Full Power (PEP)

RCI-2950DX - 8 Amps 
RCI-2970N2 - 32 Amps



 CW Keying

Semi break-in

 Carrier Suppression

- 50 dB

 Spurious Emission

- 50 dB

 Antenna Connector

UHF Type, 50 W





AM / CW: 0.5 µV for 10 db SINAD
FM: 0.25 µV for 12 db SINAD
SSB: 0.15 µV for 10 db SINAD


- 55db

 Image Rejection Ratio

- 65 db

 Audio Output Power

2.5 Watts @ 10% THD into 8 W

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Country of Origin China
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